Lesson Four - Cultural Perspectives

Welcome back to the Introduction to Soul Tending course. This Lesson discusses the cultural perspectives on soul tending, how they were derived, and how they impact the modern path.

In this lesson, understand that white people can't effectively teach cultural appropriation, as their culture hasn't been appropriated. That includes me. The brass tacks about cultural appropriation are: listen to indigenous people, people of color, and believe them when they speak.

Above all, stay teachable.

Upon completion of this Lesson, respond thoughtfully to the Introspections, and email them to me. 

Progress through this Lesson at your own pace, though give yourself the necessary time to draw informed conclusions in your Introspections responses. I am more interested in compelling insights than in rushed completion. The Introspections seem easy on the surface, though don't underestimate what feelings, memories, and biases they stir. Be honest with yourself, your judgments of traditional and modern soul tending, and of yourself as you work through this course.

In Lesson 5, we discuss in more detail what soul tending is.


  • Is it possible to celebrate the rituals of a group of which you are not native?
  • How might you show respect for such rituals?
  • What are the rituals of your cultures/
  • Of your Ancestors?
  • Are you interested in the traditions of a culture other than your own?
  • How do you honor that culture?